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About Quake

Shaping the future of startups

Unleashing potential with capital, revenue generation, and focused growth, we look to build startup ecosystems and enhance innovation across undervalued industry verticals and geographies.

Our investment philosophy

What we look for

Each year our team attends countless pitch events, hosts multiple contests, conducts weekly campus visits, and combs through thousands of startups, all in an effort to find the perfect companies for our portfolio.  We are always looking to invest in the best projects.  As such, we don’t play favorites.  We welcome all founders, backgrounds, markets, verticals and industries.

We evaluate companies from all industries, but we only invest in opportunities where we can add tremendous value.


Can we amplify your growth trajectory? Can we amplify your valuation? Can we amplify our investment?


We evaluate your ability to execute, intended purpose, progress, personalities, and other characteristics.


Ideas and underlying business concepts are evaluated rigorously against potential market size.


Our goal

Growth refined

At Quake, we've reimagined the startup journey. By focusing on the critical data metrics that align with industry benchmarks, we reverse engineer the Series A raise, positioning startups for unprecedented growth. This dedication to innovation places us in the top 10% of global early-stage investment funds.

For 5 years, we've leveraged AI and machine learning to refine investment sourcing and evaluation. This strategy reduces bias, boosts consistency, and enhances our data-driven process. We focus on traction and customer engagement, investing only after startups pass major failure thresholds. Specifically, our approach keys on:

Market Opportunity
from pre-seed to exit

Our startup portfolio

Deal terms

How we invest

We invest in undervalued founders, markets, geographies, and industries. We actively seek out entrepreneurs who have developed disruptive solutions and competitive advantages with early signs of traction and user adoption. We prioritize traction and merit over all other things. In terms of founders – it doesn’t matter where you went to school, where you worked, who you know in our network, or what you look like. It only matters what you’ve built, how it’s progressed, and whether we can help you succeed.


We invest in Pre-Seed and Seed Stage funding rounds, but we don't do ideation. We look for signs of early traction, where our capital, network and resources can supercharge growth.

Check size

We typically make an initial investment of $150K to $200K in exchange for 3% to 6% equity. Our standard vehicle is a Post-Money SAFE, with most valuations ranging from $3M to $7M.


We are industry agnostic, but we prefer large markets, B2B sales models, disruptive technologies, and clear market expertise - 40% of our portfolio utilizes AI/ML and Computer Vision.


We avoid most consumer-packaged goods, as well as markets and projects with long sales cycles, cumbersome regulatory requirements, long product lead times, and poor CAC to LTV ratios.


Most of our investments are based in the U.S., but we do invest globally, with about 15% of our capital deployed outside of North America. We require U.S. C-Corps or similar entities.


We look for teams with unique IP, strong value propositions, strong customer communities and defensible market positions. We need to know our teams can fight, dominate, and maintain.
Startup support

How we work with startups

We are extremely active and highly engaged investors.  Our goal is to help our founders overcome all of their early-stage challenges. With past success in sales, product development, staffing, strategy, operations, and fundraising, we have the ability to dramatically improve outcomes within our portfolio.  In addition to our initial capital investment, our portfolio teams receive access to:

Our network of over 400 industry leaders, political insiders and subject matter experts, work with entrepreneurs to refine strategies, make introductions and maximize growth.

We assist teams in raising follow-on capital. Our investor network includes thousands of funds, angel groups, family offices and ultra-high net worth individual investors.

We work with experts and consultants specializing in software and product development. Specialists in AI, robotics, QA, telecommunications, and security are also available.

We have a trusted manufacturing network that can assist with all aspects of design, modeling, BOM analysis, tooling, line modification, testing, certification, assembly and packaging.

Each year, we host “startup boot camps” for our founders to improve product dev, growth hacking, market development, sales, operations, monetization and capitalization.

Our founders and our alumni networks work hard to help one another. These relationships last forever, offer tremendous value, and provide a shared knowledge base.


Feedback from our startups

“No single investor has brought as much value to BBy as Quake.  Their team has been by my side for 5 years now, and to this day whenever I need anything they’re the first one’s I turn to. While all investors claim to bring some value add, Quake is the only one that I confidently trust to always have my best interest in mind as a founder and for my startup.”

Dr. Vansh Langer

Founder & CEO, BBy

“If we’d taken the money we received from Quake from anyone else, we’d have failed. Not only would we have failed, but our other investors would have lost their capital. When the chips have been down, Quake has been there as a sounding board and source of advice.”

Jack Thorogood

Founder & CEO, Native Teams

“Quake provided immense value to our team. They were our first investor and have always been a value-add. Quake helped us establish a strong foundation to acquire our first customers and raise our initial round of funding. To this day, we can always rely on the Quake team for feedback, introductions and community.”

Jasmine Shells

Co-Founder & CEO, Five to Nine

111 Congress Ave., Suite 500
Austin, TX 78701
United States

111 Congress Ave., Suite 500

Austin, TX 78701

United States


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